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ecig unclogging tip – drip smoking

A Users story:

Ever since I bought my first electric cigarette, about the beginning of September, I’ve run into problem after problem. It all started out

great, but about every second of third cartridge, the fun was over.

In those days (geez, that sounds like forty years ago writing it down like that) , very little was known about E-smoking in general,

directions for use were very insufficient if existing at all, service was nothing to write home about , and it was all a matter of mainly

trial and error.
Especially thinning the liquids in the cartridge with one drop of water seemed to help a bit, but only for the smoke, hardly for the taste


(like smelling tea without sugar really).

Then one day, long story, I accidentally dropped my three E-Cigs in my crocheted plastic holder in a toilet at the swimming pool. These

cigarettes were actually hardly functioning at the time, but worthy enough to fish them out at once, unscrew the batteries and let them dry.
And – low and behold- the ALL functioned much, much better after this unexpected dive. The atomizers had all had a good rinse (and,

unfortunately, so did the batteries which were less enthusiastic about it), something I had never dared do before. BUT it worked, and from

then on, I started cleaning my atomizers under a running tap on a daily basis, and this helped – for about ONE cartridge or less each time.

To help them ‘come up’ sooner after their daily shower, I once tried to squeeze a drop of liquid directly on the atomizer after drying them.
WOW !!!! Now THAT was smoking ! THAT was inhaling ! THAT was feeling a touch – our should I say a BANG on the lungs !! I couldn’t believe what

had happened !! My Cigarettes FUNCTIONED !! They actually SMOKED !!

And since all three cigarettes were actually as good as dead at that time, I continued ‘dripping’ them , and I finally became a very very

content E-smoker.

About a month ago I completely stopped using cartridges, and only dry smoked of dripped instead.

And now : dripping for Dummies :

The liquid :
I use the bottles of liquid from E-Cig and liquid that I obtain from regular cartridges that I ‘squeeze’ by pulling out the fiber, putting it

in an empty syringe, and squeeze the liquid in a bottle for ear- or nose drops (very cheap at the local drugstore).

The materials :
I use the E-Cig luxury bottle (which is no more than a regular perfume-sprayer) and nose-drop bottles with a pipet.

The amount :
In the classical pen-shaped model I use about 3 drops, on the mini I use only 1 drop, straight on the atomizer.

How to drip :
Pen shaped model :

- Remove the cartridge from the atomizer
– pull of the mouthpiece from a cartridge (throw away the white part, keep the black)
– take the bottle or pipet, and drip up to 3 drops STRAIGHT on the atomizer
– Put back the mouthpiece, and smoke away !!

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